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Frequently Asked Questions

Breakdown cover – what is it?

Breakdown/ Motor Rescue is provided under most private car policies. This includes cover for roadside and /or driveway assistance with up to one hours labour fee in the event of mechanical breakdown, malicious damage, punctures, lost or stolen keys etc. It also covers towing your car to the nearest competent repairer, completion of journey if more than 30km from your home and other replacement and accommodation benefits which are subject to certain conditions.

What is Excess?

Excess is the amount you the policyholder must pay towards any claim you make.

Do I have windscreen cover?

Windscreen is covered automatically with Comprehensive policies, it is usually an add on with Third Party Fire & Theft policies.

Do I have Trailer Cover?

Cover to pull a trailer is automatic with private car insurance if this is allowed by law.

Do I have Driving other Cars facility?

Most policies include this facility which allows you the policyholder to drive other cars on a third party basis only. Certain conditions apply – you can check on your policy schedule or contact us to make sure you have this cover.

What is step back bonus?

This means that in the event of a claim you keep part of your no claims bonus, depending on what Company you are placed with you may lose 2 or 3 years of your bonus.

What is protected no claims bonus?

This protection normally allows you to have up to two unlimited claims in a three year period without it affecting your no claims bonus.

Do I have a no claims bonus as a named driver?

If you have never had a policy in your own name, but have driving experience as a Named driver or on a company policy we should be able to get you an introductory no claims discount.

What is Employers Indemnity?

This applies to persons who use their car in connection with their job. The employer in some cases will require a letter of indemnity from the Insurance Company. This means that if the insured has an accident while driving the car for work, the employer will not be held liable.

Do I have the correct class of use to drive my car for my work?

This is outlined under section 3 on your certificate. If you have any doubts about your cover, call us and we will assist you.

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