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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premium based on?

 The premium is normally based on the client’s occupation, type and carrying capacity of the vehicle, claims history and details of drivers.

What Class of Use do I have?

The Standard Commercial Vehicle policy includes business use and use for social domestic and pleasure purposes.

Do I have Trailer Cover?

Cover to pull a trailer is automatic with commercial vehicle insurance if this is allowed by law.

 Do I have windscreen cover?

Windscreen is covered automatically with Comprehensive policies, it is usually an add on with Third Party Fire & Theft policies.

 What is step back bonus?

This means that in the event of a claim you keep part of your no claims bonus, depending on what Company you are placed with you may lose 2 or 3 years of your bonus.

What is protected no claims bonus?

This protection normally allows you to have up to two unlimited claims in a three year period without it affecting your no claims bonus.

Who can drive my vehicle?

Permitted drivers are listed under Section 6 on your Certificate

 What goods can be carried in my vehicle?

There are two types, own goods which would be the policyholders own goods or customers goods which would be the property of a customer.  Own goods would be carried under a standard commercial vehicle policy, Customers goods would be covered under a haulage policy.


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